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Anyone can learn to take pictures like these with simple, low cost equipment

Module 1: Save Thousands on Camera Gear

Don't spend a cent on photography gear until you've watched these videos!

Our series of introductory videos on camera gear will teach you everything you need to setup an incredible toy photography studio in your own home.

From cameras to lenses to lights and other accessories, you'll discover what purchases will have the most impact on your photography.

Most importantly, you'll learn how you can avoid expensive professional equipment and get the same results with low cost items.








Module 2: Master Your Camera In Record Time

You don't need to spend years using a camera to have complete control over it.

We'll take you from novice to expert in this series of videos specifically designed to explain photography concepts in an easy to understand way.

Even if you have an intermediate knowledge of your camera, you'll gain new insights into the basics as we show you how they apply to toy photography.

Module 3: Shoot like a Professional

Whatever your skill set, we'll teach you how to approach a shoot from the comfort of your home in exactly the same way professional photographers do it.

You'll learn how to pick the right gear for a shoot, how to build light into your scene and tips and tricks specifically for toy photography.











Module 4: Learn to Paint with Light

Control over light is the single most important factor in toy photography.

Expert lighting takes photos from ok to astounding, even if you're using a smartphone as a camera.

Module 5: Toy Photography Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Whilst toy photography is the easiest medium to work in, there are some common problems specific to this style of shooting.

In this module, we'll show you what these are, and how to fix them.

We see these issues time and time again and once you know how to spot them you'll know how to stop them ruining your shots.


Module 6: Emulate Anything

In this special module, you'll see how the skills you've developed can be used to help you copy any look you want to achieve.

We'll look at comic covers, movie posters and other toy photography to dissect how you can put together the same

Module 7: Reverse Engineer Light Elite Only

In this module, you'll learn how to look at any photo
and be able to tell exactly how it's been lit.

Once you can work out how a photo has been
shot, you can apply the same lighting
to your own photos.


Module 8: Background Ideas Elite Only

Once you've mastered toy photography, the next challenge becomes finding interesting and complimentary backgrounds to shoot them against.

In this module, I show you a number of easy and low cost ideas for scenes that don't require you to buy or build expensive dioramas.

Module 9: Composition Ideas Elite Only

Take your photos to a completely different level by gaining the greatest skill in toy photography -


In this video, I'll take you through a number of composition "templates" found in comic book art you can apply to your photos to give them an instant "wow" factor.

You'll learn why these composition styles work, how to implement them and why viewers fall in love with them.


Module 10: Advanced Lighting Elite Only

Move beyond the basics and learn new tricks and techniques to take
your lighting to the next level.

In this workshop you'll see how this Catwoman shoot is built up from start to finish.




Comic Composition Ideas Elite Only

Spark your imagination with this special look at a selection of some of the best comic book covers of all time. Learn different composition techniques and gain insights on how you can recreate comic scenes in your photography.

As a companion to the video, you'll also receive a PDF with 336 beautiful comic book covers I've personally selected from over 6,000 covers! This composition reference will provide you with endless ideas for your shoots.



Shoot Walkthroughs Elite Only

See all the theory applied through this library of extensive shoot walkthroughs, and learn valuable insights about each shot.



Harley Quinn
(Full Workshop)

In this 60 minute+ workshop, you can watch over my shoulder as I setup this shot from start to finish, and see exactly what goes into getting this result.

Strike Me Down
(Lighting + Shot Development Workshop)

Learn how to manipulate different scaled toys in the same scene to create something unique. Includes set video tour and shot by shot walkthrough.

Black Canary
(Quick Lighting Walkthrough)

A quick walkthrough of the lighting setup used on this shot.

Batman Shot
(Quick Lighting Walkthrough)

A quick walkthrough of the lighting setup used on this shot.

Travel Arrangements
(Shot Development Workshop)

Watch the shot by shot process I take to develop a scene as I explain composition, lighting, special effects and more in this walkthrough.

'Out of the Shadows'
(Shoot Walkthrough & Composition Tutorial)

Learn the subtle aspects of composition that are used to create this Black Widow shot, and see the extensive, intricate lighting used to create the photo.

Full Course Index

Premium Edition Content

01 - Overview5:05
02 - Gear Guide Intro0:56
02a - Gear Guide - Cameras - SAMPLE16:37
02b - Gear Guide - Lenses34:00
02c - Gear Guide - Gear17:22
02d - Gear Guide - Lights14:32
03a - Understanding Exposure - SAMPLE6:25
03b - White Balance4:27
03c - Aperture Priority7:36
03d - Shutter Priority & Manual7:31
03e - Picture Modes DownloadPDF
04 - Plan a Shoot - SAMPLE12:54
05 - Three Point Lighting - SAMPLE27:40
06 - Toy Photography Mistakes16:54

Additional Elite Content

07 - Reverse Engineer Light34:14
08 - Background Ideas - SAMPLE24:49
09 - Composition Ideas34:35
10 - Advanced Lighting28:13
Walkthrough - Black Canary 6:14
Walkthrough - Batman 4:22
Walkthrough - Black Widow - SAMPLE20:07
Walkthrough - Cantina33:17
Walkthrough - Harley Quinn Part 1 40:31
Walkthrough - Harley Quinn Part 2 23:37
Walkthrough - Strike Me Down32:19
336 Stunning Comic Covers (PDF)PDF

About Your Instructor

Chris Webb is an expert Toy Photographer who has been publishing online courses since 2011. In addition to his photography work, Chris runs a Youtube channel for video creators with over 13,000 subscribers. Chris is a Youtube Partner and Microsoft Certified Professional.

Customer Testimonials

For me, this course was just as, if not more useful than taking a high school or college photography class. I really appreciated the clarity and and production of the course. If I knew anyone that was looking to take up the hobby, this would probably be the most convenient and accessible source of information I could recommend.
- Tom Green
What I like the most is the detailed lens explanation and differentiation. I wanted to improve the lighting aspect and this definitely met my expectations.
- The One Cam
I really liked how simple and explanatory your tutorials were. I am a beginner and I didn't feel lost or find anything complicated to understand. I had no idea how to use lighting, but now I know what I need to do and how to set it up. I would recommend this course because it is easy to follow and very explanatory.
- Harold Ruiz
I loved that it was a toy specific photography course. the practical applications through out the videos, made it not only easy to follow, but understandable. the course catered to all skill levels, from photography noobs to people who know their camera. I also really enjoyed that low cost options were offered all the way through. I would recommend it due to its practical application without being too complicated and also low cost for the quality received.
- Matthew Watson
What I liked most about the course were the light and mistake videos. They made me really think about what I am doing. A big plus is also any skill level can jump into this. I would recommend this course because this is a hobby any age or skill level toy collector can take advantage of. The instructions are clear and concise that require no previous knowledge.
- John Greco
This is a course I wish I had seen when I was just starting out! I’ve always thought I probably need to buy some kind of professional lighting with umbrellas and everything but they’ve just been too expensive for me. This showed me you don’t really need those. If you’re a beginner, this would save you tons of money and get you started in the right path of creating amazing toy photography (and also gives you a good start in photography in general). If you’ve been doing toy photography for some time and know most of the technical stuff, this course packs so much stuff that you’ll still find stuff that you’ve probably never known before as well as creative and practical wisdom that you just wouldn’t find in a manual.
- Jeff Juantas
Very well organized and the progression was logical. Nice, "bite-sized" segments and very comprehensive. I would you recommend this course, especially for people who are starting out.
- Trevor Williams (One Six Shooter)

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  • How To Plan A Shoot
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This edition includes
These extensive training modules:
  • Camera, Lens, Lighting & Accesories Buying Guide
  • How Your Camera Works
  • How To Plan A Shoot
  • Lighting Workshop
  • Common Mistakes & How To Fix Them
  • How To Replicate Any Shot
Instant access
This edition includes
Everything in premium:
  • Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • Incredible Ideas For Scenes & Background
  • Six Extensive Shot Workshops
  • Composition Mastery
  • Bonus: 336 Stunning Comic Covers PDF
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